Three new releases

Last update was 10th of april 2011. Oops. In the meantime, I’ve put out 3 new releases, did some shows, made new recordings, … So, yes, I did have some news.

Three-Four records released the split 10 inch (w/ Richard Youngs) I’ve talked about in the previous news update. I’m very pleased with it. You can still buy it, from me or from Three Four.

Morc released two AM-releases: a split 7 inch with Circle Bros and an EP (10 inch) called ‘nest’. The latter contains 5 songs: two versions of the traditional ‘All things are quite silent’ and three ‘original’ songs. Steve Marreyt plays bass and sings and Yumi Verplancke sings as well. (They have joined me on stage as well. There are some video’s online if you’re curious) I guess this release is the most ‘folk’-oriented release I have put out. I’m quite happy with it. Hope you like it, too.

The split 7 inch with circle Bros. is a special one. Hm, you could see it as some kind of vanity project. Wim (that’s Circle Bros.) and I have been living together, and sharing instruments, for quite a long time. We’ve noticed that our sounds are getting more and more similar (one might also say that we both listen to Labradford quite a lot, though 🙂 ). These particular songs share many characteristics, we think. And they fit nicely together on this release. We’re both kind of happy with it. Note, it really isn’t some ‘cheesy’ release (maybe ‘7’ was that kind of release – it contains some of our ‘darker’ work. Anyhow, feel free to listen…

And… there is a houseshow coming up. Yumi will join me on stage. And there will most likely be another ‘special guest’. We are supporting Louise Decazes & Eric Chenaux. Their release on Okraina is really beautiful.

More… Jessica Bailiff (who recently released her 5th album on Kranky) and I finished our debut album. Not sure when it will be released, but, it will be released in some form or another. I’ve also finished my third solo record and this is also going to be released sometime ‘soon’. I think that’s all for now…

Thanks for listening & happy new year!


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