Richard Youngs

Do I have news? Yes, I have!

There is a split 10 inch coming up with Richard Youngs. And I am very excited about this. The lovely people of three-four records are going to release this split EP at the end of May. My side of the split contains 5 versions of one song, called ‘Sand’. I have always had the urge to record many versions of one song and then remaining deeply in doubt which version to chose. For this release I did not chose. (Though this is not completely true – there are still more versions of the song – including an acapella version) I was interested in how different arrangements, tempo’s, melodies and structures changed the aesthetic qualities of the song, convinced that no version is more ‘essential’ or ‘authentic’ than the other.

I did a few live shows in the meantime. (check the live page) I also have been recording new music, (lots) with friends and alone.

Also, I made a bandcamp. I’ve put four releases on it for now. These days, you can even follow me on twitter.

I think that is all for now. Feel free to listen…

have a nice spring,



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