Drekka reworks Annelies Monseré ‘Verjaardag’ – Out now


Dear all,

Long time no hear… But, I have got some good news.

Bluesanct and Red Frost Industries (INRI080 / RFI 000 000 007) just released ‘Verjaardag’ LP. On this LP Drekka reworks songs from my second album, ‘Marit’.

You can order it (and listen to it!) here.

You can order it via me (when you are in Europe, this might be the best option). Just send me a note via the contact page.

Hope you like it…

Also, for a couple of years now, I have been playing music with some friends (namely: Yumi Verplancke, Julie Lafontaine, Lobke D’Hespeel, Jelle Vanlerberghe, and Elisabeth Cornille) and we gave the band a name: ‘Luster’. Our debut release is a split 10 inch with Hellvete on Morc  and our (quasi) debut concert will take place on 22nd of June ‘In de Ruimte’ in Ghent. Hope to see you there…

Thanks for listening,



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