ep with Jessica Bailiff

Hello again,

I’m happy to annonce that the Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré EP is released on Morc Records on the 15th of April. Jessica and I recorded the ep while she was on tour in the Benelux, fall 2007. There is an mp3 of a song here. There are not too many copies left…

Here’s what Morc has to say about it: “Although it’s just the two of them, this ep has a very built-up sound, which is reminiscent of Jessica’s earliest output and Annelies’ most recent live shows. Vocals, guitars and cello- and keyboard drones get a very prominent role on these recordings, which were made entirely in the analog domain. The ep is limited to 310, and comes in a mini-lp jacket. All copies are hand-numbered and have handwritten linernotes by Annelies.” I can confirm. I wrote all of them by hand. Ugh…

And this is what Foxy Digitalis says in a sweet review “Here they sound like a tight unit, utilizing their similarities to good effect, and fleshing out the tunes with their distinct touches.”

At this very moment I am working on new material for a seven inch on Morc.

best, Annelies.

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