Duo with Jessica Bailiff

Hydromedusae (lp, Trome, 2023)

Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré ep (cd, morc, 2008)


Full band, with Jelle Vanlerberghe, Yumi Verplancke, Elisabeth Cornille, Jullie Lafontaine en Lobke D’Hespeel

Luster (lp, morc, 2022)

Split with Hellvete (10″, morc, 2016)


Duo with Steve Marreyt

Distels (lp, Feeding Tube/Almost Halloween time, 2021)


project with Jan Kleefstra, Romke Kleefstra, Kleefstra, Mariska Baars, Rutger Zuyderveldt, Sylvain Chaveau, Joachim Badenhorst

II (cd/lp, Laaps, 2020)

Fean (cd, Moving furniture, 2018)


After the image – After the image (lp, Grafische cel, 2023)

Drekka & Annelies Monseré – Verjaardag (cdr/lp, Bluesanct, 2006-20016)

+ contributions on various Drekka-albums:

  • Europe 2012 tour ep (tape, Bluesanct, 2012)
  • Unbeknownst to the particpants at hand (lp, Dais, 20)

Vlor – Six-winged (cd, Silber media, 2007)

Birch Book – Tangles of the vine (cdr, 2006)

Toss – Titles of the greatness of been (cd, Kraak, 2002)

Zent one / Circle Brothers – Split (lp, Morc, 2002)

Zent one – Mummer (tape, Morc, 2000)

Northern Lights – July, September (tape, 2000)

full lengthsep’scollaborations