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Silber, Mauro and a few ep’s

First of all – I forgot to mention that Silber put out an mp3 compilation release, called “Silber on Silber”and I contributed a song. All artists on the compilation are covering Silber artists, I am doing a cover version ot t”to the sun” by Remora. Go here. Other artists include: Jessica Bailiff, rivulets, vlor, Remora, …

Then; I am playing a show in Oostende, Belgium in Vrijstaat 0 at De Droge Coo. w/ Kumisolo en Mauro Pawlowski at the 30th of June. This is the only show scheduled for now…

Also; I have two 3 inches for sale: a tour 3 inch I made, containing 4 songs of radiosessions (here is what derives got to say about it.) My friend Michael Anderson aka dREKKa remixed some new songs of mine for my birthday, and they are totally sweetlooking… If you want them, just send me an e-mail.

Morc has put out three pretty amazing cds of Iditarod and my friends Jessica Bailiff and soccer Committee… Highly recommended…

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