New full length ‘Debris’ out on September 27th

annelies monseré - debris

Dear all,

On September 27th, Morc Records will release my third full length album, entitled ‘Debris’. You can pre-order it (and listen to a song) on their website.

I’ve recorded the album some time ago, but I’m still pretty proud of the result. Most songs are pretty long and drone-based. And my friends Yumi Verplancke and Steve Marreyt added beautiful vocals. Well, here’s what Morc Records has to say about it:

“the lp is in a way a step back and a move forward from her releases of the past couple of years. Backward, because it’s a lot more sparse, like her debut album Helder. And forward, because this album is more folk, doom and drone-infused than her previous work; Most tracks are focused on vocals and just a few instruments, but yet Monseré manages to produce a very full sound. The only additional musicians on this album are Stevey Marreyt (of Edgar Wappenhalter) and Yumi Verplancke (of Luster), who both also appeared on the EP Nest.”

Can’t wait for you to hear it…

best wishes,