Somewhere Someone ep

Hi all,

Some news: Morc just released “somewhere someone” – it is a 7 inch with 6 new songs. Soundwise it focuses mostly on Hammond organ sounds. It is probably more dark and droning than previous works. I am pretty happy this collection of songs. Feel free to let me know what you think.  There are 180 copies for sale and all of them are hand-stamped and handwritten. It is also digitally available through Boomkat.

The 7 inch is available via Morc Tapes. Around the same time “somewhere someone” came out, Morc also released a lathe cut 10 inch called “hibernation” by ( friends and collaborators) Karina ESP, Circle Bros. & dREKKa and white vinyl 12 inch LP “drawn” by soccer Committee & Machinefabriek. All highly recommended…

Morc also has some supercheap package deals – here are the AM package deals:

– “somewhere someone” + EP with Jessica Bailiff for 10 euro.
– “Somewhere someone” + EP with Jessica Bailiff + debut album “Helder” OR Zent One/Circle Bros split LP for 16 euro.
– “somewhere someone” + EP with Jessica Bailiff + debut album “Helder” AND Zent One/Circle Bros. split for 22 euro.

Thanks to those who came out to one of the shows I did recently. Good times…


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