new show/old record

Hello again,

A short update:

I have a show coming up: I’ll play at la Flûte Enchantée in Ixelles/Elsene (Brussels, Belgium) sunday 9th of March. Noria will play also. The space has a limited capacity of 50 people. The organisation,soirées cerises, are organising a lot of ‘acoustic’ concerts around that time. Hope to see you there…

Zent One (the band I play in with my friend Olivier Driessens) made a record in the year 2002 – it is a split with Circle Brothers. It was sold out for a while, but, Morc Records managed to get a few copies back in stock. Here is what Morc has to say about it: ‘ zent one is the duo of annelies monseré and olivier driessens. This is their only vinyl release to date. the record includes the first vocal parts by annelies ever, and is a must for fans of eg aerial m, rachels, and of course: annelies monseré. the circle bros side is circle bros at it’s loudest and very built up. should be appealing to fans of eg roy montgomery and azusa plane’.

That was it for now. Hopefully more news on new music later.

best, Annelies.

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