two compilations

Forgot to mention two nice releases which I am very honoured to be part of! First on Morc: ‘Nov3’ ep on a 3 inch cd-r. It is the live registration of the houseshow we did with the BlueBusMountain tour in Hilversum. Our friend Soccer Committee also played. There is a song by each of us ( vollmar, drekka, soccer committee and me) on it.

For my song ‘voices’ I am joined by drekka, vollmar and Wim Lecluyse on voice, melodica and glockenspiel.

Second release I am part of is the 3 cd compilation Gold Leaf Branches on Foxy Digitalis. My song is the guitar version of ‘you were on my side’. Other artists are Elephant Micah, drekka, Six Organs of Admittance and many many more…

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