Hello all,

Lots of things are about to happen. I’m still busy booking the tour for Vollmar and dREKKa and this is what we have so far. I’m not joining for all the dates, so they have more shows. I’m really excited to tour in continental Europe…

Recently, In Gowan Ring did a Dwars/VPRO session and I joined him on vocals for some of the songs. It hasn’t been broadcasted yet – but I will let you know when it is. Next week, I will be doing a VPRO session, too. ‘Desmet live‘ has also invited me to play some songs for their radioshow. This will happen somewhere in November / December.

About a week ago, I did a show with the Panflute Catastrophe – I play the ‘cello with them. We will probably do some recording soon. I’ve also been asked to play the ‘cello for Pear on some songs. This recording will take place soon, too.

BlueSanct repressed ‘Helder’. The second pressing looks a bit different as the print is not black, but a dark shade of blue. I’ve read some really nice reviews of this album and I will link them here soon.

This is all for now – but there will be more very soon…


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