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First of all, thank you to those who attended the UK shows or the Ireland show I did in June with rivulets. Special thanks to those who offered us a place to stay and made us feel comfortable…

I just put out a lathe cut 8 inch called ‘7’ on Morc Records. It is limited to 50 copies. It has seven new (love)songs on it. Lathe cut vinyl are handmade records. They are transparent and look kind of cute… It seems that quite a lot of them are already gone, so … Note that it contains the same songs as the bonus cdr on Orphanology that came with the first 50 copies of ‘Helder via ‘the BlueSanct – mailorder. Those are gone. I noticed out that some people can’t find the tracklisting on that cdr. It is hidden behind the palmtree picture. ‘Helder’ is still available via BlueSanct and will be officially released on the 5th of July. It seems that it will be available earlier in the Benelux, from next week onwards…

In July I will do a small tour with Jessica Bailiff. We will also play at the BlueSanct festival ( 23th of July – 24th of July ), where most BlueSanct artists will play. Looking forward to that! More info on all this can be found here, but also on the BlueSanct site.

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